Arbuthnot Pharmacy

 Arbuthnot Drug Company was established in 1886 by C.M. Arbuthnot, M.D., a genuine frontier physician and “dispenser of cures.”  Since then the business he started as an adjunct to his medical practice has been operated continuously in Republic County Kansas by 4 generations of his descendents.  Arbuthnot Drug Company was then and is today a true family owned and operated business.

Our goal has always been to provide pharmaceuticals to our patients at a reasonable price along with service that is second to none.  Today, Arbuthnot Drug Company is a full service modern pharmacy.  Besides prescription medications we provide typical over-the-counter remedies as well as durable medical and sick room equipment.

One of our specialties in the pharmacy department is custom compounded medications.  In addition to a wide variety of creams, lotions and ointments, we routinely compound several formulas of aerosol medications for use in home compressor-nebulizers by patients with emphysema, COPD, or asthma.  Aerosol medications of this type are normally covered by Medicare.  If you have Medicare coverage, please call us toll free (U.S.A.) at 800-443-5409 and ask to speak to a member of our pharmacy staff for details.

We also compound a number of medications in capsule form for oral administration.  If you require a custom compounded medication for whatever reason, chances are very good that we can make it for you.


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